Eye Witness 2013

Wow! My time in Hell was truly amazing. It was the first time I had gone. The Road Runners, with our amazing leader Turf got us there safely. The beautiful roads and the fabulous scenery were just the beginning of an adventure I will never forget. It started with a 8 motorcycle ride out Route 666 to the dam on day two. We were on our way and I was bike 7. Bike 8s belt broke and he could not go further. I offered him a ride to Scotty’s (a restaurant and one pump gas station) two miles up the road. Rolling into the gas station with a 300 pound man on the back of my 750 Shadow caused some serious rumble from the 50 or so bikers that were there… heehehe. He was a great sport about it. He called for a tow and I got on my bike to go find the others… found them just 5 minutes before the dam, so I did not see the dam. Caught up to them at Scotty’s and found out that they had just hit a deer and kept their bike upright! Thank God… Steve was catching his breath there, so I told them I will go find the tow truck and bike down the road. I could not find them two miles away, so when coming back, I got behind the 8 or so bikes that were heading to the dam.

Lead bike decided to turn into Scotty’s (seemed last minute-ish) and bike numbers 2, 3, and 4 slowed and turned but bike number 5 fell on it’s side and bike number 6 did a triple turn up and over the other two bikes…. trike number 7 went into oncoming lane (no traffic – thank God) and then I came to a stop near the guy that did a triple axle. He was hitting the ground so I knew he was alive. Many people ran to his aid. I heard the gas station attendant was also an EMT. I hauled butt to get gas and go find the tow truck and bike

After finding the tow truck and being assured that his bike is going into Baker City, I headed out so I can get back into town and help make any arrangements necessary for the belt to be put on. That is when they (the tow truck and my friend) found me in the ditch with my bike on the side of the road. But instead of me being hurt, I was bandaging someone up. You see, as I was riding to Baker City, I saw a woman bloody on the side of the road, her husband was picking up the Harley touring bike up. Upon going to her and identifying myself to her with my first aid kit, I asked her what happened and she responded that a propane tank flew out of the back of the white pick up truck (still present) and hit them. Assessing the situation, I saw that blood was dripping rapidly from her elbow and then I looked. The road had shredded the arm all the way to bone. I could see the brachial artery throbbing and it appeared nicked. It was a true emergency. I asked the folks to call 911 again and let them know of the severity of the wound. I bandaged her up and sat there holding the brachial artery until the ambulance arrived. I hope she will be okay.

We had to wait until Monday to have the belt put into the bike and finally got on the road. It was a nice ride back. On my way home, on some chip seal road between Burnt and Paulina, I almost ran into a deer myself. There was a fire in central Oregon and the Prineville had rented most of their rooms out to the fire fighters. We did in fact find a room to stay in. I got some much needed rest. The rally was great and I am happy to have rode the “Little Dragon” which I have a dog tag for. I hope to do Road Rash some day soon. Katja Delavar

Editor: Hello, I was the women on the road that was bleeding from the elbow. just wanted to say “Thank you so much for stopping and helping me” here is an update if you are interested. The wound was not as bad, did have to have surgery and left the hospital on Monday. It’s great to be home now and it’s great to know there still people like you around to lend a hand when needed. I hope I can say that I would have done the same thing. Anyways bless you for being there. Debra B


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3 Responses to Eye Witness 2013

  1. Tonya B says:

    I had heard of accidents, but not the severity. What a horrible thing to witness. I hope everyone heals quickly.

  2. Chuck L. says:

    The 2013 HCMR has got to be the best one yet. My wife and I have have been to this event many times but this year seemed even better than before. Better weather, Roads were good. The folks were all pleasant. Good turn out, better weather (LOL). We really enjoyed our time there and helped support local business and vendors. Unfortunately we had just rolled by Scotty’s and saw that there was an accident with paramedics tending to those hurt. We also saw a tow truck just outside of Richland picking up a bike out of the ditch as well. Glad to hear from the post that nobody was seriously hurt. We plan our two vacations every year and Hells Canyon Rally is always on it. See you all once again next year at the 2014 rally. Ride safe everyone.

  3. So sorry to hear about the accidents….so glad you were there to help..! It was great to see all the riders that came to Sumpter! Looks like changing the date of the rally was a great idea…! See you next year!

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